A full circle moment refers to a situation where you experience something that brings you back to where you started but with a sense of completion or closure. It’s a moment of reflection and realization that what you have gone through has led you to where you are now.

Once upon a time in sunny California, two friends, Jean (Swiss) and Erik (French), crossed paths and quickly became the closest of friends. Little did they know that their meeting would set them on a path to create something extraordinary. As they explored the diverse wine and culinary landscape of California, they realized that they wanted to bring a piece of their European heritage to this vibrant melting pot, creating a bridge between cultures and using food as a way to celebrate culture, family, and the joy of sharing. Their dreams soon led them across the Atlantic to the enchanting countryside of France, where they discovered a hidden gem—a beautiful olive tree and truffle farm nestled in the rolling hills of Provence. Inspired by the idyllic landscapes and the rich agricultural traditions, Erik and Jean decided to take a leap of faith. They named their venture "Boucler la Boucle," which translates to "Going Full Circle." It represents their journey and capturing the essence of both their friendship and their shared love for food and wine. With passion, hard work, and a deep respect for the land, Erik and Jean have transformed the farm into a thriving oasis, meticulously tending to the olive trees and truffle orchards. Through their venture, Erik and Jean have truly gone full circle, bridging continents, cultures, and hearts.